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Welcome!, Intergalactic Space Traveler to the most stunning novice website ever created by yours truly, Chris C Corbett.  The design of my website has two parts: a cool space game for you explorers out there like myself and second, a sweet web page about my life and interests.  The Space Game is an ever stunning and evolving galactic voyage with a radical package of computer art from the web's hottest computer graphics artists.  My Website is the ultimate archive of my life and interests for years to come.  Throughout, you'll experience a collection of kick'n background electro music, visually awesome pictures and cool animations while all at the same time making it "The Ultimate in Complete Satisfaction."
I'm still here and massively overhauled my website with a cool new look for the navigation bar on top and all new information and interaction within the webpages throughout.  I'm currently working at my drafting/designer job in Sellwood and enjoying it very much.  For right now, as to not close future opportunities, I have come along ways in college and decided to persue other interests and keep what I have, the Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a one year Drafting Certificate of Completion in Industrual Drafting and Design.  I'm no longer pursuing any other degrees or college classes at the moment..........Oh and by the way, I'm making it pretty good, so I'm buying a HOUSE!!!! I'll be moved in at the end of April, FOR REAL!

After finding out that my website was almost cancelled, I fixed the problem and I'm still here.  Also, I have in the mail coming an A.A.S in Mechanical Engineering Technology and a Certificate of completion for one year in an Industrial Drafting program (ALL) from Portland Cummunity College.  I am currently employed by an engineering consulting firm located in Sellwood, Or.  where I perform the duties of a Indurstrual drafting designer using AutoCad.  The Schooling has paid off!  My full time employment has 2 benefits, one is I'm finally making some type of income, and the second is they will reimburse my schooling for a B.S degree from O.I.T. which I am pursuing at this moment right now and it is cool as hell.  I'm enjoying life - period!

Some pages have been updated.


Finally, a complete update and finished design for the year 2003 on my website, all webpages have been updated.


New professional website style interface for easier navigation.


What you see now is the new interface that I created for my website in the hope for something new and better because although I'm pretty busy with my hobbies and going to school to get an associates degree, I'm still looking out for better improvements and special effects like the buttons at the top.  I plan on adding alot more things for a better over all experience when your on my website.  I would like to take some classes in college for website design.  In other news my car the SS Colt needs a new cylinder head as it did not pass DEQ - damn.  My truck the 57 chevy will be getting a new suspension package by the end of September and I will post pictures as soon as I order a digital camera online.
See my old homepage here See my old Intropage here

3.  Space game completed with new interactive special effects:
Dec. 21, 2002
2.  Massive website update with new features and information:
Oct. 6, 2002
1.  First completed the beginning format and style towards my personal website:
June 10, 2002
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